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MOC Delivery


MOC Delivery believes in being the best in cannabis delivery and leading the charge to a more inclusive cannabis lifestyle of flowers, edibles and culture.

We offer consumers the following:

Affordable product lines. We will not carry bargain cannabis or cannabis products, nor high priced lines.

Accurate orders. Extra precautions will be made to ensure clients received exactly what they ordered.

Speedy deliveries. Guaranteed in Salinas under 35 minutes.

High potency products. We will deliver products high in THC percentage for those looking for significant “head highs” and will do the same for products high in CBD for those looking for significant “body highs”. This is in addition to the expected ancillary products needed to consume the cannabis.

We carry a tailored line of non-cannabis products including branded T-Shirts and caps, popular name-brand candy bars, small sized bagged popcorns, and sweet treats baked fresh from local bakeries.

Professionalism. We set ourselves above the rest with well-trained drivers and delivery teams demonstrating consistent, professional and courteous service.

Complimentary consultation. First-time users are encouraged to schedule a phone consult to be educated on the different products and their effects.

Memberships. Customer loyalty points will be given to those customers/members that spend with us a certain number of times per month; which can be redeemed for free products or discounts.

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